Hey Gabriel,
        I think the following mail to you describes everything that you need
to connect to database with java. If something is not working, check your
pg_hba.conf file and start postmaster with the -i option. You could use the
following command for that
        pg_ctl -o "-i" start

Raghunath T

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From:   Raghunath T
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        you'll have to first build the jdbc driver. Typically it would be
        For this you go to postgresql-7.0.2/src/interfaces/jdbc and then type
make jdbc1 or make jdbc2 (if you need j2se support)
        This will give you postgresql.jar file
        update ur classpath env variable to include the full path of
        Then in your code add
                java.sql.Connection conn =
DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:postgresql://<host ip>:<port
        host ip : is the ip address of the host. could be something like 
        port : usually it is 5432 unless you are running postmaster on some
other port.
        If your java code is on the same machine as your database then you
need not give ip and port.
        You could just say "jdbc:postgresql:<dbname>"

        I hope this should be sufficient :-))

Raghunath T
-----Original Message-----
From:   Gabriel García
Sent:   Wed 4/4/2001 9:18 PM
Subject:        [JDBC] How connect JDBC

I have a program's java, and I need read a Postgres database, How I can call
the database from java.
Thanks in advance.

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