I'm a little green with Java, Linux & tomcat; so please assume I am
completely ignorant.  I've read through the tomcat related threads & I'm not
having much luck with jdbc in my jsp scripts.  I'm able to use jdbc in Java
programs, so I believe that my problem is in getting tomcat in touch with
the jdbc classes in postresql.jar.

I've tried:
- including the jar in different folders (/tomcat/lib/) for tomcat to find;
    (how can I determine which directory tomcat is looking to?)
- including postgresql.jar in a classpath in tomcat.properties.

A couple of other things I'd love to be able to do...

Tomcat doesn't shut down.  I use the command 'tomcat stop' & it hangs with
the message 'Stoping tomcat on 8007 null' (one 'p' in stopping).  Fixing
this would be fantastic - right now I have to reboot every time I try to
place postgresql.jar in a different directory.

I've been starting PostgreSQL with the command '/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql
start'.  How can I cause it to start automatically?

Thank you so much for any assistance & I hope that my ignorance doesn't
cause me too much embarrassment.

-Andy Luck

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