On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Andrew B. Luck wrote:

> Tomcat doesn't shut down.  I use the command 'tomcat stop' & it hangs with
> the message 'Stoping tomcat on 8007 null' (one 'p' in stopping).  Fixing
> this would be fantastic - right now I have to reboot every time I try to
> place postgresql.jar in a different directory.

You shouldn't ever have to reboot Linux unless you have a very serious
hardware error that has locked up your system.

I recommend using the shell scripts provided with Tomcat to start and shut
it down.  Also, there is no need to place & at the end of 'tomcat stop'.

As for the CLASSPATH tomcat searches, if you use startup.sh and
shutdown.sh provided with Tomcat, it lists the classpath Tomcat is using
before Tomcat starts up.  You can add custom classpaths to the script or
add to the system classpath.

> I've been starting PostgreSQL with the command '/etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql
> start'.  How can I cause it to start automatically?

Most likely, there should be a link (probably something like S##postgres)
under /etc/rc.d/rc3 that points back to the main startup script, which
should start up PostgreSQL upon bootup.  What version of Linux are you

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