Hi !!

I was trying to get a very nice FREE graphical db tool called DbVisualizer 
(http://www.ideit.com/products/dbvis/) to work with Postgresql and I found 
out the following bug: if database has views then getTables() gets the null 
pointer exception ('order by relname' makes the listing tree in 
DbVisualizer a lot useful !!)

This patch should propably be applied to the the jdbc1's 
DatabaseMetaData.java, too.

<ql/jdbc2]$ diff -u DatabaseMetaData.java.org DatabaseMetaData.java

--- DatabaseMetaData.java.org   Wed May 02 22:52:25 2001
+++ DatabaseMetaData.java       Wed May 02 23:07:19 2001
@@ -1666,7 +1666,7 @@
      // Now take the pattern into account
      sql.append(") and relname like '");
-    sql.append("'");
+    sql.append("' order by relname");

      // Now run the query
      r = connection.ExecSQL(sql.toString());
@@ -1697,6 +1697,9 @@
        case 'S':
            relKind = "SEQUENCE";
+       case 'v':
+           relKind = "VIEW";
+           break;
            relKind = null;
@@ -1704,7 +1707,7 @@
        tuple[0] = null;                // Catalog name
        tuple[1] = null;                // Schema name
        tuple[2] = r.getBytes(1);       // Table name
-       tuple[3] = relKind.getBytes();  // Table type
+       tuple[3] = (relKind==null) ? null : relKind.getBytes(); // Table type
        tuple[4] = remarks;             // Remarks



Version: 2.0
Released: 2001-04-20

The #1 requested feature to ease editing table data is now supported!
The #2 requested feature to print graphs is now supported!
Read the complete change log for all new features and enhancements!

DbVisualizer is a cross platform database visualization and edit tool 
relying 100% on the JDBC, Java Database Connectivity API's. DbVisualizer 
enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC 
drivers available from a variety of vendors. Just point and click to browse 
the structure of the database, characteristics of tables, etc. No matter if 
it's an enterprise database from Oracle or an open source product like 

And best of all -> it's FREE!

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