I have a problem like that:
The database is postgresql v7.1, with locale-support
jdk is sun's jdk1.3.0_02
and jdbc is that one which comes with postgres (type 2).
Both database and jdbc driver has been build by myself.
OS: RH 6.2 based linux with 2.4.3 kernel, glibc 2.1.3.
The problem:
There is a database which contains fields (the field's type is 'text')
with scandinavian alphabet. (Especially  (odiaeresis, adiaeresis,
aring, or in other words, oe, ae, and a with ring above it)).

The database has been installed, created and used under
LC_ALL="finnish" and LANG="fi_FI" environment variables in act.
Ok, the problem:

When I try to read those field, I get guestion marks instead of those
8-bit scandic chars. 

I have been check my java programs and the database. (in fact, same
problem appears with postgres-7.1/src/interfaces/jdbc/example/psql.java).
In general, my java environment works fine with 8-bit chars, with psgl
(not the java one) there is everything very well with those fields with
8-bit chars.

So my question is, am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in the

If this is a bug or you need otherwise help or more information, please
let me know. I will try to help as much as possible to hunt this one

If I am doing something stupid, I would very likely to know it...

BR, Jani

Jani Averbach     

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