I've downloaded the latest code from CVS and tried to build, and it
failed again! So I received Jerry's mail and realized that the Oracle's
JDBC driver was on my CLASSPATH...  just removed it and the build was
successful. I think ANT should be smarter when tring to guess which java
VM is installed.
    Also, I could now load all my BLOB data into the 7.1.2 database. Now
I'm gonna test the servlet...

                                                 Thank you!


On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Jerry Asher wrote:
> At 09:37 AM 6/14/01 -0300, you wrote:
> >    Hi,
> >
> >    I have some troubles with Postgre's JDBC driver, version 7.1.2.
> >First, I was not able to build the driver because it always tries to
> >compile the version for the Enterprise Edition Java Virtual Machines,
> >although I only have a Standard Edition instaled in my computer (a Red Hat
> >7.0 linux box).
> Check your classpath.  When I ran into this problem what I recall 
> discovering was that Ant looks for the presence of certain classes to 
> determine which version you want built, and I found that when I installed 
> Oracle, the Oracle java libraries contain those classes.
> Jerry
> >    I could only compile it when I manually edited the  build.xml file, so
> >it right guessed the version of my Java VM.
> >    I thought I was done when the driver worked for the first time, but
> >sometime later I realized that the BLOBs I've imported from a Postgres
> >7.0.3 (using a java program and LargeObjectManager API) were all corrupt!
> >All BLOBs have only 19 bytes!
> >    I tested it with a  servlet  that runs fine with 7.0.3, and it just
> >thrown a NullPointerException somewhere (I couldn't check where exactly it
> >happens yet). After, I put the servlet to run with the old 7.0 JDBC
> >driver, but connectiong with postgres 7.1.2, and it worked fine
> >(ooops... not so fine, the BLOBs were all corrupt!)
> >    Is there any trouble with the JDBC driver that comes with 7.1.2 ?  Or
> >maybe something got wrong when I edited build.xml ?
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