Title: RE: [JDBC] No suitable driver

Try passing the driver in the command line, like this: java -Djdbc.drivers=org.postgresql.Driver ...

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Subject: [JDBC] No suitable driver

I have Tomcat 3.2.1 and Postgres 7.0.3 running well in Solaris and I
have installed the JDBC driver, jdbc7.0-1.2.jar, in both the
<TOMCAT_HOME>/lib and a second directory off of the tomcat tree. With
the jar file in the classpath the driver works fine from an application
but produces the error "No suitable driver" when called from within a
servlet. Having combed through the jdbc mailing list I have tried
placing the jar file in the <TOMCAT_HOME>/lib (a restart of tomcat
references the existence of the jar file in its output) and I have set
the driver's path for wrapper.classpath in tomcat.properties for the
parameter wrapper.classpath and set the driver name for

Is there anyone who might have some advise about whatelse needs to be
done for this?

-Peter Mezzina

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