I am getting the error message "no suitable driver" from a Tomcat
application that used to work. The change that I made to cause this is that
I originally accessed my database on the same server, but decided to change
the URL to point my application at a database residing on another server.
(Because I killed the DB horribly on the local server... but that's another
story, which is told on the pgsql-admin list...)

Here's a snip of what my connection looked like when it worked:

  private static final String driver = "org.postgresql.Driver";
  private static final String user= "www-data";
  private static final String pass = "";
  private static final String dbUrl = "jdbc:postgresql:demo";  .
    try {
      connection = DriverManager.getConnection(dbUrl, user, pass);

Then I changed the dbUrl string to:

  private static final String dbUrl =

After recompiling & restarting my tomcat app with *no other changes*, I
started getting the "no suitable driver" message.

Any thoughts about what I've done wrong here?



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