If you shutdown the JVM without closing your connections this is the 
behavior I would expect in to see in that case.  Your code should be 
closing any open connections to the database before exiting.

This same behavior can be seen in psql as well.  If psql exits 
unexpectedly (i.e. you kill a psql process) you will get the same 
'unexpected EOF...' message on the server.


Joseph Shraibman wrote:

> Bruce Momjian wrote:
>>>Barry Lind wrote:
>>>>Attached is a patch to remove the ConnectionHook functionality and thus
>>>>the JDK 1.3 dependency.  For a further explanation see my posting to the
>>>>JDBC list on Friday, explaining why this is being done.
>>>I don't see any post on Friday.  Why is this being done?  Now I'll have
>>>to code my own shutdown hooks.
>>The consensus was that the function didn't work or wasn't needed.  We
>>can always re-add it.  I will wait for a discussion.
> If it doesn't work that's one thing but I think it is needed.  Whenever
> I shut down my java programs I get 'pq_recvbuf: unexpected EOF on client
> connection  ' in my postgres log.  I was going to make my own shutdown
> hooks when I moved to java 1.3 but I noticed that there were ones in the
> jdbc driver so I thought I didn't have to.  And when I kept getting
> those messages I just thought I built the driver wrong.

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