I'm using the 7.1.2 driver.

BTW having to add a line to your permission file for shutdown hooks is
not a good reason to get rid of this feature.  It most cases it would be
extremely unlikely for an attacker to get a chance to add a shutdown
hook to your jvm and if they do they've probably already got the means
to do Bad Things.  The java.policy file can have an entry to allow only
code in org.postgres to add shutdown hooks (maybe we should put this in
the documentation).  

The only case where it might matter is if you are trying to access
postgres directly from an applet and you can't finely control the
permissions of the applet sandbox.

Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > > The consensus was that the function didn't work or wasn't needed.  We
> > > can always re-add it.  I will wait for a discussion.
> > >
> > If it doesn't work that's one thing but I think it is needed.  Whenever
> > I shut down my java programs I get 'pq_recvbuf: unexpected EOF on client
> > connection  ' in my postgres log.  I was going to make my own shutdown
> > hooks when I moved to java 1.3 but I noticed that there were ones in the
> > jdbc driver so I thought I didn't have to.  And when I kept getting
> > those messages I just thought I built the driver wrong.
> Are you using the current CVS jdbc driver from:
>         http://jdbc.fastcrypt.com
> or an older version?  I hope it is at least 7.1.X.

Joseph Shraibman
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