Steve Wampler writes:

> I think I originally saw the problem when an INSERT that included a
> *very* long text field entry generated an exception (I had dropped a
> function used as a trigger on inserts)) - the message that
> comes back from the back end includes (as near as I can remember)
> the original insert text, generating the above.

That would explain it perfectly.

> The exception above went away when I bumped the size of receive_sbuf
> to something larger than 8096 [this was with jdbc7.1-1.2.jar] and
> changed the calls to use the new size where they had been using 8096
> before.  I bumped it to 262144, incidently - these were large text
> fields.  This enabled me to find the other error and fix it.

Well, the longest piece of data you can store in a column is around 1GB,
so we obviously need to find a more flexible solution.

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