In looking at the source code I couldn't explain why you would be 
getting the error below.  (All of the places that I see a max buffer 
size specified, seem to be appropriate and shouldn't generate the error 
you are seeing).  Can you send a test case to the list for me to 
investigate this further?


Steve Wampler wrote:

> Steve Wampler wrote:
> ...
>>Too much data was received.
>>        at org.postgresql.PG_Stream.ReceiveString(
>>        at org.postgresql.Connection.ExecSQL(
>>        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.Statement.execute(
>>        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.Statement.executeUpdate(
>>        at OCS.database.DbServer.execute(
>>I seem to remember discussion on a limit in the jdbc driver that might
>>be causing this, but couldn't find it in the psql-jdbc mail archives.
>>Am I likely correct in this being the problem?  Is there a fix in the
> I took a look at the code for the jdbc driver and see how to increase the
> size of the receive string buffer.  (I think that there is no limit on
> the size of a query/command, just on results - is that correct?)
> Is any one looking at removing the limit entirely?  I can (and have)
> bumped the limit up, but wonder if it might not be better to just avoid
> the problem entirely (if the back end can handle sending an absurdly
> long result, why shouldn't the front end accept it?).  Since the
> data is coming from the backend (presumably a comparitively slow
> operation), it doesn't seem that any performance hit would be
> particularly noticable (if well designed) and could likely be restricted
> to those cases where the results are absurdly long...
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