I've been browsing the newsgroup archives and came across the following:

> > > > > Can you see a scenario where a programmer would forget to 
delete the
> > > > > data from pg_largeobject and the database becoming very large 
> > > > > with orphaned large objects?

Does this mean that to delete my large object I need to delete the row 
in my table, and also the row or rows in pg_largeobject. Currently I am 
only deleting the row in my table. I have just been looking at the 
pg_largeobject table, it seems to have more rows than I would expect in 
it. Is the solution to pass these two commands to jdbc?
delete from my_table where lob_oid = 1234
delete from pg_largeobject where loid = 1234

Thanks in advance

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