Hello, I'm new in this list so I don't know if this question has been
asked before. If so, sorry.
The question is that I'm trying to insert text and/or binaries in an OID
column but I can't find the way to do it. I have tried to use the code
in the documentation (section "Using large objects") but I get this
message: "InputStream as parameter not supported".
Can someone please post some code here so I can see how it's done? Where
can I get the latest compiled JDBC driver?
Thank you very much,

    Esteban Chiner

P.D: If it helps, this is the code I use:

try {
    String texto = "Whatever";
    pst = con.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO users VALUES (?,?)");
    byte[] bytes = texto.getBytes();
    InputStream is = new ByteArrayInputStream(bytes);
} catch (SQLException E) {
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