Have your run the JDBC conformance tests to help generate this 
information?  There was a post a few days ago from one of the RedHat 
engineers saying they had run it and were going to summarize the results 
and post back to the list.  (I haven't yet seen that followup).  I ran 
the tests myself over the weekend, but haven't sorted through the 
results either.  If you want I could send you the log from that run.


Rene Pijlman wrote:
> Hello,
> I've created a web page that aims to document the level of
> conformance of the JDBC driver to the JDBC 2.0 API. It also aims
> to document any deviations from the JDBC standard that have been
> found.
> No need to say its still far from complete. I just wrote the
> sections on Array and Batch Updates. I'm volunteering to finish
> and maintain this page if people find it useful. Any comments?
> Any feedback or additions will be greatly appreciated. If you
> know about a JDBC 2.0 feature that seems to be missing or a
> feature you know is implemented, please post a message on this
> list.
> The reason I created this page is that I wanted to work on JDBC
> 2.0 conformance, and except for Blob/Clob support Barry Lind
> wrote about a couple of days ago, it wasn't clear what needed to
> be done. Investigating and documenting the conformance level and
> known deficiencies seemed like a good place to start.
> Regards,
> René Pijlman
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