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>Have your run the JDBC conformance tests to help generate this 

Yes, I have run the test (1.2.1 EE version) and looked at some
of the results. This will take more time, since there are
hundreds of messages and it isn't always easy to find out what's
going on.

Unfortunately, I'm getting many failed results with messages
like this:

Beginning Test:  testAllProceduresAreCallable
Using DataSource
ERROR: SQL Exception : No suitable driver
Calling allProceduresAreCallable on DatabaseMetaData
ERROR: Unexpected exception null
ERROR: Call to allProceduresAreCallable is Failed!
ERROR: java.lang.NullPointerException

And I'm quite sure this code in DatabaseMetaData isn't causing
the problem :-)

  public boolean allProceduresAreCallable() throws SQLException
    return true;

>There was a post a few days ago from one of the RedHat 
>engineers saying they had run it and were going to summarize the results 
>and post back to the list.  (I haven't yet seen that followup).  

Would be good to here from them.

>I ran the tests myself over the weekend, but haven't sorted 
>through the results either.  

Could you do a quick grep for the message quoted above? I'd
really like to know if this is caused by a problem in my
setup... thanks.

>Rene Pijlman wrote:
>> I've created a web page that aims to document the level of
>> conformance of the JDBC driver to the JDBC 2.0 API. It also aims
>> to document any deviations from the JDBC standard that have been
>> found.
>> http://lab.applinet.nl/postgresql-jdbc/

Ren Pijlman

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