Hello Barry,

Thanks a lot. I've incorporated your items
on http://lab.applinet.nl/postgresql-jdbc/

I'll also incorporate your postings from last week about bytea,
large objects and such.

René Pijlman

On Wed, 08 Aug 2001 20:56:05 -0700, you wrote:
>First off, thank you for pulling this information together in one place. 
>  It is really appreciated.
>I was going through your list of issues and I had the following comments 
>to add:
>Batch Updates
>   The current implementation is poor.  As you point out the 
>implementation of storing up the statements and then executing them one 
>by one defeats the purpose of the batch methods.  The intended behaviour 
>is to send a set of updates/inserts in one round trip to the database. 
>The server does support this functionality (you can send multiple 
>statements in one call by using a semicolon as a statement separator). 
>The server will then execute them all at once.  The one limitation is 
>that the oid/row count returned by such a batch update only reflects the 
>oid/row count of the last statement in the batch.  In reading the spec 
>this behaviour is in conformance if not ideal.
>getDatabaseProductVersion  -  I get a pass on this test when I run.
>supportsANSI92EntryLevelSQL - Since postgres now does support outer 
>joins, I think the answer here should be yes.  I think the general 
>feeling is that if there is a deviation from entry level SQL92 it is a bug.
>The bytea type is documented for 7.2.  You can see it in the current 
>docs off of the developers corner links.
>The driver does implement setBlob the same way as setBinaryStream.  In 
>fact it uses setBinaryStream in it's implementation.  I believe that 
>setBlob is functionally correct in it's assumptions that the underlying 
>type is oid and thus a LargeObject.
>General Requirements
>ODBC escape processing is minimally handled.  The escapes for date 
>format are supported, but not the rest.

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