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>Ok, I see what you're looking at. However, the book states the escapes
>should only be supported when the underlying DBMS supports them and that
>escape syntaxes must be included for stored procedures etc where
>appropriate. Does PostgreSQL support stored procedures using a stored
>procedures escape syntax? If yes, we should return yes, if no, we should
>return no until that functionality is added. Both cases are allowed,
>AFAICS. The book doesn't mention that drivers should always return true
>for this procedure.

You're right.

>"Java 2 EE Specification, v1.2"

Ah, I see, this is one of the subbooks in my book. Well, I think
we'll have to check for J2EE conformance as well, since I guess
the driver will be used on J2EE platforms more and more.

René Pijlman

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