> On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 12:16:40 +0200 (MET DST), you wrote:
> >Using Debian package for Postgres 7.1.2 and Debian 
> >jdbc Driver,  i managed to connect to the database 
> >but the list of tables is empty !
> I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific. What functionality
> in what piece of software are you using to retrieve a list of
> tables? 

When using StarOffice to create a new database access, you have
to decide how to acces it (odbc or jdbc for instance), and 
give him either the url of BD (in the jdbc case) or the data
source object (in the odbc case). Then StarOffice tries to connect
the specified database and retreives the list of tables of this base.

> How is this software configured to use JDBC? 

StarOffice has a specific tool to connect databases.
In the JDBC case, It prompts the user for a JDBC driver.
I used the last Postgresql debian packaged driver for that.

> Are there any error messages interactively, or in a log file? 

I'm afraid i can't find any log file. There is no error messages :
the list of tables are just empty, but my database has at about 30 tables.

> Does it work with other databases?
It dosn't work with other Postgres databases, but it has worked
with mysql databases.


Arnaud Espanel.

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