On Wed, 15 Aug 2001 16:43:31 -0500, Ben Carterette wrote:
>I have a query like "SELECT * FROM table1, table2" and I want to read values
>out of a ResultSet.  What if the two tables have column names in common and
>I can't predict the column numbers?  Is there any way to get table1.id and
>table2.id?  rs.getString tells me "The column name table1.id not found."  

Does this also happen when you explicitly name the columns?

   SELECT table1.id, ..., table2.id, ...
   FROM table1, table2

Or if that doesn't help, try if a column label with the AS
clause works:

SELECT [ ALL | DISTINCT [ ON ( expression [, ...] ) ] ]
    * | expression [ AS output_name ] [, ...]

  SELECT table.id AS id1, ..., table2.id AS id2
  FROM table1, table2

And then rs.getString("id1");

I think both solutions should work. Please let us know if they

René Pijlman

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