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>The SELECT is in a servlet, something like this:
>rs = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT * FROM " + request.getParameter("table1") +
>", " + request.getParameter("table2"));
>session.setAttribute("result", rs);
>that's a simplification of what it does, but it's good enough for
>demonstration I think.
>The .jsp file that calls the servlet knows what tables it wants to read out
>of, and the .jsp file that the servlet redirects to knows what columns it
>wants.  The servlet doesn't know anything and hopefully shouldn't care.  I
>wanted to abstract it as much as possible.

How about using ResultSetMetaData.getColumnName() on the
ResultSet to dynamically query the column names? See:

I don't know that this will (and should) return when you do
SELECT * from A, B and there is a column c in both tables.
Hopefully it returns A.c and B.c.

René Pijlman

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