> I agree with Bruce.  I think we are in good shape for 7.2.  As long as 
> there is an active developer community working on maintaining and 
> upgrading the code base there shouldn't be problems.
> Once we get the jdbc.postgresql.org website updated then there can be an 
> official place to post patches/updated drivers on a more frequent 
> schedule than the server patch releases if necessary.
> Although realistically the same level of control/caution should be used 
> in accepting patches into the current release as there is being used for 
> the rest of the product (i.e. it needs to be a high priority bug and a 
> low risk fix to risk destabilizing a production set of code).  Even in 
> 7.1 there were some jdbc fixes that made it into 7.1.2, and quite 
> frankly I haven't seen anything since 7.1.2 that I would have considered 
> a candidate for patching into 7.1.3 based on the criteria I feel should 
> be applied.  The 7.1.2 driver is IMHO high quality, and I use it in 
> production environments.
> Part of the problem I see is a too frequent habit of telling users on 
> this list who are having problems simply to get the latest code from the 
> truck.  We should instead be telling them to get the latest released 
> code ie. 7.1.2 or 7.1.3.

Agreed.  Part of the problem is that while 7.1.2 jdbc works well for
most uses, it has some gaping holes especially with system catalog
information, and there are so many that we just tell people to get the
CVS version.

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