I have exactly the same problem...it happens randomly, it seems.  maybe 5%
of the time.  also happens on selects (lo_read though).  the only advice
that i've seen on the topic is to make sure that autocommit is set to false,
which i've done, but i still see the problem.

unfortunately, my next attempt at a fix was going to be to upgrade to 7.1
(i'm currently on 7.0.3 on linux)...but i see that you already use 7.1...

sorry i can't help...


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Subject: [JDBC] Fastpath error on solaris 2.8 pgsql 7.1.3

Anyone seen this error before?

It doesn't happen every time I insert a blob so
I assume the code is correct.  Only happens occasionaly.
I have no idea how to troubleshoot
this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.

FastPath call returned ERROR:  lo_write: invalid large obj descriptor (0)

I don't know if this is related to JDBC or not but the code I
am using to insert the blob is JDBC.

t.r. missner
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