So I wanted to thank you. Indeed I did have a thread problem
in my application that caused the same connection to be used by
more than one thread at time.  Thus the occassional problem 
due to transactions being out of sync. 

t.r. missner
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Chris -- you can explicity call myStatement.execute("BEGIN");
and myStatement.execute("COMMIT"); 
or you can simply use myConnection.setAutoCommit(true); or false when
This accomplishes the same thing as BEGIN/COMMIT.

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> FastPath call returned ERROR:  lo_write: invalid large obj descriptor (0)

Usually this indicates that you didn't have the lo_open ... lo_write
... lo_close sequence wrapped in a transaction block (BEGIN/COMMIT
SQL commands).  Since it's erratic for you, I'd bet that some of your
application control paths have the BEGIN and some don't.

                        regards, tom lane

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