Thank you all for your help: 

Dia Thursday, 30 de August, 2001 10:42, Rene Pijlman wrote:
> > like  (aeiou with accent)... they are replaced
> > by question marks (?)... any ideas?
> What's the character encoding of the database?

It doesn't matter. I have tried it with SQL_ASCII, ISO-8859-1, and with an 
installation on Solaris which doesn't have encodings ("psql -l" doesnt list 
the Encoding field).

Strange thing is, if I use the jdbc7.0-1.2.jar from, the special characters work ok. But then I have 
the 8k statement limitation problem.

> Are these special characters converted when you store them in
> the database, or when you retrieve them from he database?

They're converted when I insert. I can insert the same characters directly 
into psql (into the same table) and it works ok (I can retrieve them without 
problems).  I can use LIBPQ apps (PHP, PGACCESS etc) and it works ok with all 
backends (running with encodings SQL_ASCII, ISO, etc)...

Ricardo Pardini

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