> Ok, I tried all the drivers currently available at http://jdbc.fastcrypt.com.
> They all seem to correct the problem with long (>8k) SQL statements, but
> they're all broken considering Portuguese characters like  (aeiou with
> accent)... they are replaced by question marks (?)... any ideas? Should I try
> to compile my own drivers? How?
> BTW I am using JDK 1.3 from Sun (Solaris and Linux)...

I suspect the problem is not with the jdbc driver but with the way you
have configured postgres, try building postgres with:

./configure --with-java --enable-multibyte=UNICODE --enable-unicode-conversion

And use initdb with the -E UNICODE option:

initdb -E UNICODE -D [path to data directory]

And see if that works, good luck!


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