On Thu, 2001-08-30 at 18:41, Barry Lind wrote:
> Ricardo,
> Is your database compiled for multibyte support?  And what character set 
> is the database you are connecting to created with?  (to get the 
> database character set do a 'psql -l').  If the answer to the first 
> question is no or the answer to the second question is 'SQL_ASCII', then 
> only 7bit characters are supported.
> > Ok, I tried all the drivers currently available at http://jdbc.fastcrypt.com. 
> > They all seem to correct the problem with long (>8k) SQL statements, but 
> > they're all broken considering Portuguese characters like áéíóú (aeiou with 
> > accent)... they are replaced by question marks (?)... any ideas? Should I try 
> > to compile my own drivers? How?
> > BTW I am using JDK 1.3 from Sun (Solaris and Linux)...

For portugese you should be using -E LATIN1


Tony Grant

RedHat Linux on Sony Vaio C1XD/S
Macromedia UltraDev with PostgreSQL

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