Kovács Péter wrote:
>>the driver what character set the backend is sending us? Can't
>>it ask the backend dynamically?
> This is what it actually does, isn't it? (Based on what I usually see in the
> trace output on the backend.) I tested a unicode database with varchar(255)
> fields and hungarian accented characters and it worked just fine. (With
> PostgreSQL 7.2.1 I think.)

Yes this is exactly what the driver does.  It asks the server what 
character set is being used for the database.  Unfortunatly the server 
only knows about character sets if multibyte support is compiled in.  If 
the server is compiled without multibyte, then it always reports to the 
client that the character set is SQL_ASCII (where SQL_ASCII is 7bit 
ascii).  Thus if you don't have multibyte enabled on the server you 
can't support 8bit characters through the jdbc driver, unless you 
specifically tell the connection what character set to use (i.e. 
override the default obtained from the server).


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