Barry Lind a écrit :
> Kovács Péter wrote:
> >>the driver what character set the backend is sending us? Can't
> >>it ask the backend dynamically?
> >>
> >>
> >
> > This is what it actually does, isn't it? (Based on what I usually see in the
> > trace output on the backend.) I tested a unicode database with varchar(255)
> > fields and hungarian accented characters and it worked just fine. (With
> > PostgreSQL 7.2.1 I think.)
> >
> Yes this is exactly what the driver does.  It asks the server what
> character set is being used for the database.  Unfortunatly the server
> only knows about character sets if multibyte support is compiled in.  If
> the server is compiled without multibyte, then it always reports to the
> client that the character set is SQL_ASCII (where SQL_ASCII is 7bit
> ascii).  Thus if you don't have multibyte enabled on the server you
> can't support 8bit characters through the jdbc driver, unless you
> specifically tell the connection what character set to use (i.e.
> override the default obtained from the server).
> thanks,
> --Barry

Thanks for the answer.
I am using a postgresql server rebuilt from a rawhide SRPM and I guess it is not
enabled by default (I can't check cause I don't have the SRPM anymore on my
hd...). It is a lot better to turn this option on by default though the current
solution (setting the charset properties manually fit me very well for my own



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