Hi Russ,

Are you using a JDBC driver which you've compiled yourself (using an SDK
and Ant) or one you've gotten from elsewhere?

I've found compiling your own to generally be the best solution.  That
might do the trick.


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

Russ McBride wrote:
> I can't seem to make a connection to my postgresql database from
> WebObject's EOModeler.  I'd like to rule out the possibility that the
> driver did not load properly.  If I type
> java -Djdbc.drivers=org.postgresql.Driver example.ImageViewer
> and I get the following text, then that means that my driver loaded
> properly, correct?
> . . . This example tests the large object api of the example. . . .
> If the driver loaded properly, and assuming that I started postmaster
> with the -i option for tcp/ip connections, which I did, then as I see
> it there are probably only two remaining reasons why I can't make a
> connection:  either the driver is not in the classpath (it is), or
> I'm not typing in the url correctly.  I've tried these three
> variations (the text below is *exactly* what I type; my database is
> called 'testdb'):
> jdbc:postgresql:testdb
> jdbc:postgresql://localhost/testdb
> jdbc:postgresql://host:5432/testdb
> My connection window gives me the option of specifying the name of my
> driver.  When I type in
> postgresql.jar
> then I get an error message saying that it couldn't find
> postgresql.jar in the classpath and that I should check the
> classpath.  But in that same error window displayed in the classpath
> list is the path to postgresql.jar
> Any tips. Thanks in advance.
> Russ
> ps  I'm running mac os 10.0.4 (Darwin), postgresql 7.1.2, and
> WebObjects 5.0 (just the EOModeler so far)
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