Thanks Nick,

The first line in my pg_hba.conf file is:

local      all                                trust

which should be all that is needed to allow a jdbc connection over ip 
from 'postgres' on a local machine (and it shouldn't be a problem 
that the connection program sends the password as well, I assume). 
Is there some other line I should be adding to make this connection 
possible.  It seems like it should just work, but I'm probably 
missing something.



Nick wrote:


JDBC connects using TCP/IP and this indicates that your host machine doesn't
have a line in /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf allowing the requested
connection. This is necessary even if you are connecting to localhost.
Here's what our pg_hba.conf looks like:

local        all                                           peer sameuser
host         all           ident sameuser
host         all  trust

The first lines allow a connection on the same machine.

The last line allows a connection from the IP address
without any authentication. For details, search for pg_hba in the
interactive docs.


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