I am using jdbc7.0-1.2.jar.  I am getting a "No class found for 
unkown" when I use strings in my query statements such as 'Container' 
seen in the query below.  These queries work fine when I use Oracle or 
MySQL.  This looks like a bug to me.  I can work around  this by 
explicitly casting the string in the query statement like: 

*****************Inside LDMSQLPLUGIN About to query db ----> select 
container_20_ft_qty AS QTY_OH, 'Container' AS NOMENCLATURE from 
 where uic = 'WAQJAA'
 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I caught an exception on resultSet.getObject(i + 1) --> 
No class found for unknown.
        at org.postgresql.Connection.getObject(Connection.java:621)
        at org.postgresql.jdbc2.ResultSet.getObject(ResultSet.java:741)

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance,

Lora Goldston

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