I tried it on a table which id was an int

Using "select 'id' as xxx from ..." Returns xxx as an unknown type
Using "select id as xxx from... " returns xxx as an int

I have no idea how the backend handles this, but if it can figure it out
in one instance why can't it figure it out when I put single quotes
around it?


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Barry Lind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> My thoughts as well.  If we encounter an 'unknown' type, just return 
> it
> as a String.  Do you have time to fix this?

>> I suppose we could return it as a string when we are in doubt? Is 
>> this reasonable since there are many other types it should be 
>> returned as?

The backend will presently default to treating 'unknown' as type 'text'
if it hasn't got any better idea what to do, so I think it's reasonable
for JDBC to do likewise.

I believe the only case in which you could see 'unknown' reported as a
query result type is if a string literal is SELECTed without any
processing being done on it, viz

        SELECT 'foo'

As soon as the literal is passed to a function or operator, sorted,
grouped, etc, the system will insist on resolving it to a non-unknown
type.  If the usage context doesn't provide any other hint, 'text' will
be the chosen type.

                        regards, tom lane

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