> The error stack you had in your original email indicates you are running 
> a 7.2development version of the driver.  Since QueryExecutor didn't 
> exist in 7.1.  (Sorry I didn't explain how I came up with the conclusion 
> you were running 7.2development code).
>  >>at org.postgresql.core.QueryExecutor.execute(QueryExecutor.java:88)
>  >>at org.postgresql.Connection.ExecSQL(Connection.java:356)
> Where did you get the drivers you are running.  I just verified that the 
>   7.1 drivers off of jdbc.postgresql.org do not contain this class.

I got the .jar file from a link supplied by Bruce in one of the pqsql-jdbc
archives.  I assumed since the jar was named 7.1-1.3 that it would be
drivers for 7.1.  Tell me what drivers you suggest and I'll try them.

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