I would suggest starting with the 7.1 drivers off of 
jdbc.postgresql.org.  The functionality they provide for 
Blobs/LargeObjects matches the documentation you are using.

You can also try the 7.2 drivers that you can also download from 
jdbc.postgresql.org.  In these drivers the implementation of getBytes() 
and getBinaryStream() in ResultSet and setBytes()/setBinaryStream() in 
PreparedStatement is different than is documented in the 7.1 
documentation.  These methods now work off of the bytea datatype for a 
column instead of the oid datatype.  However the getBlob()/setBlob() and 
LargeObject API methods should all work the same as they did in 7.1.



>>The error stack you had in your original email indicates you are running 
>>a 7.2development version of the driver.  Since QueryExecutor didn't 
>>exist in 7.1.  (Sorry I didn't explain how I came up with the conclusion 
>>you were running 7.2development code).
>> >>at org.postgresql.core.QueryExecutor.execute(QueryExecutor.java:88)
>> >>at org.postgresql.Connection.ExecSQL(Connection.java:356)
>>Where did you get the drivers you are running.  I just verified that the 
>>  7.1 drivers off of jdbc.postgresql.org do not contain this class.
> I got the .jar file from a link supplied by Bruce in one of the pqsql-jdbc
> archives.  I assumed since the jar was named 7.1-1.3 that it would be
> drivers for 7.1.  Tell me what drivers you suggest and I'll try them.

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