Added to TODO:

        o Move to using 'make' rather than 'ant'(?)

At least we know it is an issue for final decision.


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> On 23-Oct-2001 Jayesh K. Parayali wrote:
> > Just a thought. Why not separate postgres and postgres jdbc in that
> > case?
> To be honest, this is the one thing I want to avoid if possible.  Its important
> that the postgres build system builds the 'official' interfaces as well, since
> it keeps the two connect tightly.
> I prefer to use ant to build Java code, but to be honest, I really just want to
> be able to type either of the following, in the src/interfaces/jdbc directory:
>   ant jar
> or
>   make jar
> Both should give the same results. (Its kinda silly that the current technique
> has 'make' call 'ant', but anyways...)  The only two issues are multiple build
> tools and ease for building the jdbc driver for non-UNIX users.  
> And to be more honest, I think we've spent too much time on this as is.  If we
> can't decide as a group, we should either a) vote on it (Least the CVS
> committers should) or b) leave it for now.  Either way, I'm going to stay out
> of this discussion for now.
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