I have a question for which I can think of an answer, but still I am
uncertain about it.

Why the scrollable result sets are not implemented in the current jdbc
driver? Is it technically impossible or just no one needed this feature yet?

The answer is probably that due to the lack of backend support for updatable
cursors the scrollable result set would not be fully functional. (On the
face of it, I think that it should be possible to build support for
read-only scrollable result set into the jdbc driver.) But would a halfway
solution not be better than nothing? You need to resort to workarounds
anyway, if you want to use cursor based data processing with PostgreSQL.
IMHO, a read-only scrollable result set would definitly be an important step
toward code portability.

Any comments?

Does anyone have info on whether there are plans to implement support for
updatable cursors in the backend? If there are, what are they?

Thank you


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