It should be returning an Integer object.  In a brief look at the source 
code it seems to be doing the correct thing.  What version are you using?

Also I noticed your example below:

   System.out.println("The result is: " + (String) obj);

This shouldn't work.  You can't cast any random object to a String.  I 
think what you want is:

   System.out.println("The result is: " + obj.toString());


Dr. Evil wrote:

> I am doing some queries using JDBC.  I use the ResultSet.getObject()
> method to get the result object.  This works fine with SQL VARCHAR,
> etc, but there is a big problem when I try it with an INT4.
> For example:
> Object obj = result.getObject(i);
> It gets the object just fine but then I can't do anything with the
> object.  I can't do this:
> System.out.println("The result is: " + (String) obj);
> or anything else.  I am guessing that the problem may be that it is
> trying to return an integer type, which is not an object.  Any
> sugestions on this?
> One thing I think I could do is to try to detect the type using
> MetaData.getResultType() or something, and then call
> ResultSet.getInt() or whatever is appropriate.  Is this the best way
> to do it?
> Thanks
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