I am a new person in list. I am dont good speak english, sorry.

I rewritten the contrib/spy/timetravel.c, because:

on original version of postgresql 7.3.2-7.3.3:

the UPDATE not work on timetravel.example if I added
>create unique index tttest_idx on tttest (price_id,price_off);
>update tttest set price_val = 30 where price_id = 3;
ERROR:  Cannot insert a duplicate key into unique index tttest_idx

And UPDATE not work on table tttest after
>alter table tttest add column q1 text;
>alter table tttest add column q2 int;
>alter table tttest drop column q1;
>update tttest set price_val = 30 where price_id = 3;
ERROR:  Parameter '$5' is out of range
(because the trigger is added the deleted q1 column for insert statement)

And I add a new optional feature: my new timetravel have +3 optional parameters:
inserter_user, updater_user, deleter_user.

And I add a new function: get_timetravel for get timetravel status
without change it.

A big difference:
the old version on UPDATE changed oid on active ('infinity') record,
the new version UPDATE keep oid, and the overdued record have a new oid.

What am I doing with this? Send file with attachement to this list?

Sorry for my english


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