Bruce Momjian írta:

Great.  Please send over the file as an attachment and I will see that
it is added, or even better, use diff -c against the 7.3.2 version and
your new version so we can see the changes.



Here is 4 file in tgz:
the new timetravel.c,
new timetravel.README (cut from spi/README and modified),
and modified timetravel.example.

- optionally 3 parameter for insert/update/delete user name

- work with CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ixxx on table xxx (unique_field,time_off);
(the original version was work with unique index on 6.5.0-6.5.3, and not work on 7.3.2,7.3.3)
(before 6.5.0 and between 6.5.3 and 7.3.2 I dont know)

- get_timetravel(tablename) function for check timetravel-status.

- timetravel trigger not change oid of the active record. (it is not a good feature, because the old version is automatice prevent the paralel update with "where oid=nnn")

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