On Mon, 2003-07-21 at 07:50, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Rod Taylor writes:
> > Attached is the new file based on itemizedlists blocks, and simplelist
> > blocks for the names.
> >
> > Simplelist was used with the intent that stylesheets would dictate
> > surrounding brackets at some point in the future.
> I don't understand that.  The names are quite obviously not lists, and I

They are lists. Sometimes of 1 name, sometimes of 2, sometimes several. 
(Bob, Joe, Tom)  <- List of 3 names, or am I missing something obvious?

A small set of items with minimal decoration is exactly what Simplelist
is for.  In this specific case, they are inline lists.

As for the brackets.  Currently they are a part of the content in order
to achieve a specific style in the output of the resulting page. The
data could be tabular (items on left, names to right), different type of
bracket, removed entirely for different outputs, or perhaps different
names would be processed in different ways (Bruce could be hyperlinked
to his homepage via the stylesheet for HTML output only) -- thus it is
the job of the stylesheets to manage.

But, if you don't want simplelists, feel free to:

s/</member><member>/, /

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