Rod Taylor writes:

> Attached is the new file based on itemizedlists blocks, and simplelist
> blocks for the names.

I tried to apply this patch modulo the reservations I expressed, but it's
impossible to sort out those parts.  Apparently you used some automatic
search and replace, because I find simplelist elements where they don't
belong (anything in parentheses?).  Also, I don't want to start using
<section> in some places if we don't have an overall plan for that move.
Personally, I'm find with sticking to sect1.  Even "DocBook: The
Definitive Guide" uses that in its source.  And I know that it makes work
on the stylesheets much easier.

Do you happen to have intermediate versions of the patch lying around that
contain only the change to itemizedlist?

Peter Eisentraut   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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