Euler Taveira de Oliveira writes:

> I updated the translations of libpq, pg_controldata, pg_dump and pg_resetxlog and 
> translated the psql, scripts and backend. The backend is incomplete yet, but I'm 
> working on it. I'm planning to translate the FAQ too. The patch is made under 
> 7.4beta1.
> Just get the file and gunzip it in root directory and then apply the patch.
> I put the archives in my machine because the patch has 86K.
> <>

I'm having difficulties applying the patch.  The PO file for pg_dump is
giving me merge failures.  I'm not going to apply the rest, so we don't
get out of sync.  Please send the whole bunch again after you have
identified and fixed the problem.

The recommended format for sending translation updates is to send each PO
file as one attachment, gzipped if you like.  No patches, no directory
structures, no archives.  If you want to post the files on the web rather
than sending email, that is okay, but please, no patches, no directory
structures, just the files (in a tar archive is okay).  Don't bother
making patches for  Other people might add translations for their
language at the same time, and you're going to provoke patch failures that
way.  Just say which files are new.  Thanks.

Peter Eisentraut   [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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