Hi Peter,

> I'm having difficulties applying the patch.  The PO file for pg_dump is
> giving me merge failures.  I'm not going to apply the rest, so we don't
> get out of sync.  Please send the whole bunch again after you have
> identified and fixed the problem.

Sorry for the incovenience.

> The recommended format for sending translation updates is to send each PO
> file as one attachment, gzipped if you like.  No patches, no directory
> structures, no archives.  If you want to post the files on the web rather
> than sending email, that is okay, but please, no patches, no directory
> structures, just the files (in a tar archive is okay).  Don't bother
> making patches for nls.mk.  Other people might add translations for their
> language at the same time, and you're going to provoke patch failures that
> way.  Just say which files are new.  Thanks.

I had known the rules. :))

Now I put the files in my machine because it's too large (84K). The file *.po are new 
ones and *_patch are the updates against the REL_7_4_BETA1 branch.


Euler Taveira de Oliveira
euler (at) ufgnet.ufg.br
Desenvolvedor Web e Administrador de Sistemas
UFGNet - Universidade Federal de Goiás

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