Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Bruce Momjian writes:
> In mbprint.c:
> + #ifndef PGSCRIPTS
> + #include "settings.h"
> + #endif
> Why is this needed, considering that the rest of the code was not changed
> to make use of any setting?  The print modules in psql should not make use
> of psql-specific settings.  That's why there are extensive separate
> structures to pass this information.

The problem is that mbvalidate() has this code:

        if (GetVariableBool(pset.vars, "WIN32_CONSOLE"))
            CharToOem(pwcs, pwcs);

That's why I needed the #ifdef so it only tests from psql.  This code
was just broken without that test, and because no one else has done
Win32 compiles since it was added, no one saw it.

> Also, I'm beginning to feel that there are too many places where the lack
> of getpwuid() is being worked around.  That needs to be centralized.

Yep.  Let me add that to my list for 7.5.

> Lastly, since there is not going to be a Windows port in 7.4, why was this
> committed to the head branch?

Yes, I knew someone would ask, and debated it myself.  Having these
patches in 7.4 allows us to have full-functional interfaces and client
binaries for MinGW.  This allows us to show progress on the Win32 port,
and for folks to start using MinGW in client applications.  Also, many
of these fixes will be needed for Cygwin and other Win32 platforms, so
it seemed best to fix them in head and just patch them back to the WIN32

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