On Wed, 10 Sep 2003 19:18:24 +0200 (CEST)
Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > The easiest would be to withdraw the WIN32_CONSOLE stuff from psql, replace it with
> > Manfred's solution and add to the documentation a tutorial how to make 8-bit 
> > characters
> > work in the Win32 console (with Manfred's solution, it actually only requires to 
> > set
> > the console font to "Lucida Console"). Alternatively no tweaks to psql could be 
> > done,
> > and the documentation should describe how the console can be forced to use the 
> > proper
> > encoding (this is certainly of interest to all win32 users of other applictaions as
> > well).
> Please send in a patch.  Else, someone else is going to try to fix it with
> less guarantees that it will work afterwards.
Ok. I can do the following:

 a) Write documentation how the win32 console needs to be set up so that
    psql can handle 8-bit characters.
    Where should it be added? The Section "Installation on Windows" in the
    Administrator's Guide seems natural to me.

 b) Add code to psql that prints a warning on startup of psql when the
    console codepage differs from the windows codepage, something like

        Warning: Console codepage (850) differs from windows codepage (1252)
                 8-bit characters will not work correctly. See PostgreSQL
                 documentation "Installation on Windows" for details.

Unfortunately there seems to be no automatic solution to the "console codepage 
because the windows codepage does not work with the default console font.
Thus the user must tweak his console settings in any case and I think a warning
is the best to remind the user of this issue.

Please let me know whether this "solution" would be ok. Then I can do it on Monday.


Could you please already remove the WIN32_CONSOLE and OemToChar/CharToOem stuff
from psql? Sorry for the inconvenience generated by my ignorance.

Christoph Dalitz

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