Tom Lane wrote:
> Peter Eisentraut <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Bruce Momjian writes:
> >> LOG:  duration(secs): 0.000257
> >> LOG:  duration(secs): 0.000754
> >> LOG:  duration(secs): 0.008115 select * from pg_class;
> > I think the units typically go after the number.
> In any case, this is unnecessarily incompatible with everything else.
> EXPLAIN and psql's \timing show query durations in milliseconds.  And
> isn't log_min_duration_statement itself measured in milliseconds?
> I would prefer to see the log entries look like
>       LOG: query: select * from pg_class;
>       LOG: duration: nn.nnn msec
> in all cases, rather than moving information around depending on which
> combination of switches happens to have caused the log entries to be
> generated.  Am willing to fix the code to make this happen.

The problem with two lines is that another log message could get between
them.  I agree milliseconds makes more sense for output.


        LOG: duration: nn.nnn msec, select * from pg_class;

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