Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Tom Lane writes:
> > Sure it can.  You're essentially arguing that DBAs are too dumb to match
> > up matching query and duration log outputs.  I don't buy that.  I think
> > they'll be analyzing their logs with little Perl scripts anyway, and
> > that consistency of log output format will be worth more to those
> > scripts than sometimes having related items all on one log line.
> When you're dealing with a large installation, these little Perl scripts
> become difficult.  I've just had to deal with a similar issue with a
> popular MTA which spreads the relevant log information over several lines.
> If you're generating 500 MB of log output a day, it becomes a problem.

I can imagine.  I wasn't sure how I would write Perl code to join things
via pid.  I am sure it can be done (load into hash), but it wasn't
trivial like grep.

Peter, any problems with pid wrap-around?  I am thinking we need to
prepend a "wrap count" on the front of the pid output for 7.5.

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