Jason Tishler wrote:


On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 08:45:30AM -0500, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

The number isn't hardcoded at all


(except for the warning on gygwin if you choose some high value)

The above is my concern -- sorry, for being unclear.

I don't want to issue a warning on a setting that is likely to succeed in some cases. How about this instead of what I had - it deals with the most likely problem case?:

# ---------- # warn of cygwin likely failure # if maxconnections = 0 # and we are running parallel tests # ----------

case $host_platform in *-*-cygwin*)
case "$schedule" in *parallel*)
if [ $maxconnections -eq 0 ] ; then
echo using unlimited parallel connections is likely to fail or hang on cygwin
echo try \"$me --max-connections=n\" or \"gmake MAX_CONNECTIONS=n check\"
echo with n = 5 or 10 if this happens

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