The phrase "Cygwin set of DLLs" is more accurate.  Actually, the phrase
"appropriate subset of Cygwin DLLs" is even better.


! 2.  Proceed through the Cygwin install wizard.  Choose 'Install from
!     Internet', specify a Local Package Directory and choose a mirror
!     site that's close to you.  Leave everything else as-is.


The default will not work for all users.

Why not? I tried it on a couple of machines... I particularly noted that it now installs cygipc by default..

! 3a. Start ipc-daemon2 for shared memory support. Use ! "net start ipc-daemon2", if you want ipc-daemon2 installed ! as a service; otherwise, use "ipc-daemon2 &". This program ! needs to be running anytime you start the PostgreSQL server ! (postmaster) or initialize a database (initdb).

The above is missing the "ipc-daemon2 --install-as-service" step.

You may want to add installing postmaster as a service too.

Can you please specify the exact set of steps to make this work perfectly - I've never managed it myself... I managed to find your docs on it on the Net once, but I never got it working 100%

! There are some points that are only relevant if you are building Cygwin
! PostgreSQL from source:
! ! 1. Set your path to use the Cygwin bin directory before the Windows
! utilities. Cygwin sort must be used in preference to Windows sort.exe.

Is the above needed during runtime too?

Not on any machine I've installed on. I just left those steps in because they were in the old docs.

Sorry for being picky and not supplying a patch.  Nevertheless, I
appreciate you updating the README.

That's cool. I would appreciate your tips on installing as a service, however.


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